Papa the real hero…..

when we were child there was only one hero or superhero for us i.e. our own dad!!!

he was able to do anything for us.

there was nothing that he was unable to do for us. he was the one who took us on his shoulder and walk around.

he was the one who helped us in learning how to walk, run, play whatever.

we were think there is nothing like that our father can’t do.

how secure we felt when there was father with us. who care about croud, papa was the one who teach us how to stand beyond the croud…

at 13 when we step up into teenage that hero get start fading from our mind. we realise he was not a hero but a simple humen being  whoom we can find across the croud.

instead of learning from him, we stared arguing with him. i think this is the wrost situation for every father when his children start arguing with him. once we start arguing with him, his character of being hero takes reverse gear. things goes on and a stage comes when he saw no faith in the eyes of his children . that’s the moment when he felt himself actually older.

slowly slowly he took off all of his responsibilty to his children’s hand.

all of this is actual but we should find out the actual reson behind it


tet’s back to the flashback….

when we were child he was not a hero but he became just because of our faith.

he worked actually like a real hero just because of our faith.

all means to say that he can again be a hero if we show the same faith to him that we were used to show when we were child!


choice is our….

khud se dil dar sa gya hai, andar kuchh mar sa gya hai…

bchpn se life ki train smoothly track pe run kar rhi. life k crest and trough ek tarh se neglezible they.  pta nahi kyun ek din thought aaya k agr crest ki hight jyada chahiye toh pehle trough ki hight achieve karni padegi…

baki sb zindgi banane me apna best dete aur main yahaan apni life ko barbaad karne me apna best de rha hoon. kyun aisa lgta tha k mere sath kuchh bahut bura hoga aur us point se m take off karunga aur fir wapis mud k nahi dekhunga. bura hua, mujhe lga abhi itna bura kahaan hua hai. aur bura hua, fir lga abhi bhi itna jyada buraa kahaan hua….. bahut bura bhi ho gya par wo point nahi mila!

esa kartey kartey mai is hud tak pahunch gya hoon k ssans lene se bhi dar lgne lga hai. aur mai ye decide nahi kar paa rha k maine apni barbaadi ka highest trough reach kr liya hai ya nahi. trough ka maximum point chase krtey krtey buri tarah se dar gya hoon. pichhle 3 salon se thka, haara hua feel kr rha hoon….

dar hai kahin mai itne niche na chla jaaon jahaan se kbhi wais hi na aa sku??

if i write honestly, mai actual me wahaan pahunch gya hoon jahaan se wapis aana na k barabar hi hai… digit me kahoon toh shayad 1 percent hope hai. usme bhi “shayad” sath me connected hai!

children should be like children…

it’s about around 4 years when i shifted to mandi (nearest city) for searching a suitable environment where i can get rid off my backs of engg. searching a room in mandi just like climbing  a mountain but with the help of manish, it became possible and i got a sexy room in the top of tarna hill. on the opening day, there were 10 people in my room out of them 9 were unknowns to me!

next day i saw 2 girls next to my room. it seems like they were student of 1st or 2nd years. according to me they were childrens! there was a big window b/w the dividing wall of our room through which a little sound can easily get passed!

on those day we( me n manish) were used to smoke joint. so every time the room was filled with smoke, smoke and smoke. our main priority was joint and after that food! whenever manish comes to my room, he used to took anki (his friend) with him. anki was very passionated about girls and he always used to pass comment to those girls through the closed window. he used to play music at high level and whenever sounds level increases, girls came to my door and complaint about it. all means to say that they were badly frustrated to us!

one night my electric heater gets damaged and we were worried and taking to each other that how to cook food? suddenly Niru(1 of those 2 girls) came and said i heard all what did you said. now give me your pressure cooker with all material and let me cook for you. i felt very greatful to her! i did the same!

after some time a call came through window by niru who told me that your dinner is ready and you can took it.

me and manish went. we recieve that and said thank you so much. she replied: no need to thanks because you are like my younger brother!!!

there was nothing wrong with brother, but “younger brother” that was not making any sense!

i said to myself: let it go…

one night there were about 9 to 11 boys in my room, some of them were 25 to 29 years old. all of us were playing card, smoking joint! some of them were drinking too! all mean to say that except me, all of them were making a great noise. after some time, the girls came to me and requested not to make noise. i said, don’t worry, i will handle it. but that was not as simple as i said because some of them of were drunked! on that night i was feeling very bad for niru and sangita ( 2nd girl). the only way to shut them was ic i had told them get out of here. but how could i said this! at 2 am we were making pakode (indian snack) of marijuana. i shocked when i saw niru and sangita to my doorstep. they said politely please do not make noise, instantly a comment came inside of my room. ( exactly i did not remember) niru said: put out that bloody outside who said this. at that moment i became fan of her! they were behaving just like queen of jhansi. i said aggresively to my friends not to make noise. also said sorry to niru and sangita.

next morning was very strainge! there were no chirping of birds, there were only an aggressive sounds of landlord. she said, pick up your luggage and get lost otherwise i have to call the police! at that time only me and manish were facing  her. the main candidates who were the actual partcipants of this incident were inside the room. few days earlier i had readed somewhere that if you don’t have any answer, it is good to stay silent. i actually did the same. my hand were on my head and head was directing toward the ground. she constantly kept on telling us bad and we kept listening…

we didn’t said a single word except of sorry and a point reached when she left us on our situation. the girls were still there.

suddenly niru said: childrens should be like childrens!


it felt so awkward and i asked straight to her: what is your date of birth?

without answering, she asked to me: what’s your date of birth?

i said proudly: 1995. and your?

she said: 1989…..!!!

Oh My God! how badly i had judged her age!

instantly my hands went toward my heart, head went little down and i said straight from my heart:

dee (sister)…. it’s mever going to happen again!

because it was straight through my heart so they were abled to see the truth in my eyes. after that day nothing like that happens again.

atually she was right…. we actually were childrens!!!